Am I allowed to visit my precious metals in vault storage?

While you may under certain circumstances arrange the pick-up of metals from the vault, we cannot provide interior access to the vaults.

Because metals are held at a class 3 vault facility, only authorized visitors can enter the vault. Coordinating individual visits for the thousands of storage customers GoldSilver serves is beyond the capability of vaults designed for maximum security.

GoldSilver staff and our independent auditors make regular scheduled and unscheduled visits to the vaults to conduct counts and operational inspections. Our vault providers and the third party insurance providers also conduct similar internal diligence on a regular basis.

For significant asset transfers, a vault inspection visit may be arranged. However, that requires at least 4 weeks notice, will involve a visitation fee, and will require a background check for each visitor (maximum 2). Please contact customer service if you intend to transfer or purchase more than $5 million in assets and wish to conduct an inspection visit to verify procedures.

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