What is the InstaVault conversion/swap fee?

The conversion fee is a simple metal-to-metal exchange as well as an all-inclusive shipping and insurance fee for sending your metals to you.

The “fee” is made up of the then-premiums of the coins and bars you're requesting to convert your InstaVault ounces, i.e. what they cost over spot. And for packaging safely, insuring, and sending you your metals the shipping and insurance fee costs which is calculated based off of the value of the shipment with a minimum charge of $25.

An example…

Prices are not real, just rounded for easier math…

Let’s say you purchase 10 ounces of InstaVault Silver and request to convert them to 10 American Silver Eagle Coins. 
At the time of your request, the premiums on American Silver Eagle coins are $5 over spot. So, the conversion cost for 10 InstaVault Silver ounces to 10 American Silver Eagles is $50.  

Since these 10 eagles are below the minimum, the shipping and insurance fee is $25. S
o the total quoted, all-in conversion fee is $75. 

If you accept a quote and want to take delivery, you will receive a tracking number for monitoring your shipment.

Of course, you do not have to accept a quote and you can hold your InstaVault Silver or Gold until the premiums are lower or the timing is right for you. The choice is yours. 

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