What are InstaVault storage & insurance fees?

InstaVault investors are charged an extremely low monthly storage and insurance fee to offset the costs of safeguarding all customers' investments. 

You’ll pay just 0.06% of the value of your silver per month, that’s just $0.60 cents for every $1,000 invested – less than a can of soda. 

These fees are billable by credit/debit card and do not come out of your gold or silver.

The table below shows the fees you can expect to pay for accounts of varying size -- keep in mind there are no minimums as there are with whole coin and bar allocated storage. 

Keep in mind, these are account values, not based on the number of ounces, and the value of your stored metal fluctuates according to London Fix price (LBMA) for gold and silver.



Account Size

Monthly InstaVault Storage & Insurance Fees











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