Packing Instructions for Selling from Private Possession and Mail-In Storage

When packaging your items, think of your precious metals for what they are: Precious! Follow the packaging guidelines below to ensure that you receive the fastest and most accurate service.

1. Secure Individual Items

Secure loose coins in tubes, flips, or a small fold of bubble wrap and tape closed. Make sure to include padding in tubes to prevent jostling. Wrap loose bars in bubble wrap and tape closed. Tie canvas bags tightly to prevent spills. Tape smaller items to bigger items so they don't get lost in filler material.

2. Pack Tightly Into Inner Box

Compare items against your invoice to ensure that nothing is missed. Pack items tightly into a new, clean inner box. Use packaging filler like bubble wrap, foam, or popcorn to prevent items moving in transit. Then tape all outer seams and corners of the inner box shut.

3. Place Inner Box Inside Outer Box

Place the inner box into a larger, preferably new, shipping box. Use padding around the inner box to prevent jostling in transit.

4. Place Packing Slip In Outer Box and Tape Shut

IMPORTANT: Place the packing slip inside the outer box.  Then tape shut with clear, non-descriptive tape. Do not write anything on the box detailing the contents such as metal, coins, etc.

5. Take Your Package To The Mailing Center

Be sure to specify that your package contains non-hazardous materials. Hang on to your receipt with the tracking information until the package has been received and we've verified the contents with you.

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