I have an account with another vault, can I still buy from or sell to GoldSilver?

Yes, you can still buy or sell on GoldSilver even with an outside vault.

While our Brinks and IDS vaults are fully-integrated into our checkout system for easier buys, sells and delivery from storage, we do still support customers who choose to bring their own "3rd party vault" as we call it, including the ones we referred customers to in years past prior to launching our integrated storage platform (such as Cube, Delaware Depository and Viamat/Loomis vaults) or any vault provider you work with.  

To buy for storage at a 3rd party vault:

  • Select "Delivery" at checkout (instead of "Storage" which is reserved for only our integrated vaults).  
  • Get the proper delivery address from your 3rd party vault provider and enter that address as the shipping address during checkout. Be sure to include a second line on the address that indicates your account number with the 3rd party vault so they know how to properly account for the package when it arrives.  

Because of anti-fraud measures from payment processing companies, you may be unable to successfully place a credit/debit card or PayPal order for shipment to a 3rd party vault's address (this is another reason we have our Brinks integration, as it makes this process much smoother), but all other payment methods should work. 

To sell to GoldSilver from a 3rd party vault:

  • Start a sell order per the instructions found here:
  • Select "Private Possession" as the source of your metals and sell back just as if you were mailing in metals from home. 
  • Once you've submitted your order, we'll provide you a shipping address and packing slip for your order.  Direct your vault providers to send your metals directly to the address we provide and include the packing slip in the box.

Some 3rd party vault providers will only ship to you directly (usually for security reasons), in which case you'll need to receive the package at your home and forward to our processing facility. Please check if this is the case prior to submitting your order as the delay of shipping twice may cause your sell order to be cancelled and fees may apply. 


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