What fees are involved with private vault storage?

Our fees are among the lowest in the industry. Just one monthly fee for gold or silver. And one minimum. For any vault location you choose:

Metal Gold (Au) Silver (Ag)
Current Storage Cost 0.385%
(38.5 basis points)
(48.5 basis points)
Monthly Minimum $35 $35


For your convenience, here are the fees you can expect to pay for accounts of varying size. Keep in mind, these are account values, not based on number of ounces, and value fluctuates according to London Fix price (LBMA) for gold and silver.


Sample Gold Storage Fees
Account Size Monthly Gold Storage Fee Annual Gold Storage Fee
$1,000,000 $321 $3,850
$500,000 $160 $1,925
$200,000 $64 $770
150,000 $48 $578
$104,000 and below  $35 Minimum  $420 Minimum


Sample Silver Storage Fees
Account Size Monthly Silver Storage Fee Annual Silver Storage Fee
$1,000,000 $404 $4,850
$500,000 $202 $2,425
$200,000 $81 $970
$150,000 $61 $728
$100,000 $40 $485
$84,000 and below $35 Minimum  $420 Minimum


*Pick-up fees depend on vault location. If you plan on visiting or withdrawing metals in person, please call us at 1-888-319-8166 for a quote and details.


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