How do I pay my storage fees?

Payments for the monthly storage fees can be paid by credit card. You can also set up a recurring payment to pay your storage fees.

You can view your storage invoices by clicking on the storage page in your GoldSilver account.

If you would like to update the card on file, you can do so on your account and GoldSilver and add a new card for recurring billing. The easiest way to do this is online. Here are the steps:


1) Log in to your account on GoldSilver

2) Select MY ACCOUNT on the top right

3) Select STORAGE INVOICES in the middle bar

4) Select ADD A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD in green. It will take you to a screen that states "Manage Recurring Storage Payments"

5) Enter your credit or debit card information, and select ADD NEW SUBSCRIPTION.


If you need further assistance, call us any time between 9 AM - 6 PM ET, M-F, or to e-mail us at with any further questions.

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