Purchase Inquiry or How to Buy

In order to make a purchase, please ensure you are signed into your GoldSilver.com account. 

  • Add the items you would like to purchase to your cart.
  • Step 1, When you go to your cart, this brings you to a page called MY ORDER FORM. Please select your payment method and select SUBMIT YOUR ORDER. 
  • Step 2, you'll select SECURE VAULT STORAGE. If you don't want it shipped to a vault and want it shipped to your door, please note all orders shipped to your door have a $500 minimum.
    • Select which vault you want to store at. The default is allocated storage.
  • Step 3, confirm your payment method.
  • Step 4, submit and review your order. Purchases not paid in full at order time (e.g. bank wires and checks) require a security deposit, using a credit or debit card, to lock in current market prices. Scroll down and select SECURE MY ORDER NOW to confirm your order.

If you have any questions or if we may further assist, please let us know.

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