What is the 5% Hold on my Card

When you create an account with Goldsilver.com you have the ability to add any products you wish to your cart and choose bank wire or personal check as your method of payment. As you process through the confirmed details of your order, the last step will ask you to put 5% down on a credit/debit card. The 5% placed on your card is not a deposit or charge, but in fact this is a pending authorization temporarily placed on your card in order to lock your price in the live market. This will be voided/expire as soon as we receive your check or wire for the full 100%.


The 4% discount is already calculated showing you the correct prices listed on goldsilver if personal check or bank wire option was chosen versus the credit card option which = 4% more. 


The reason we ask for the 5% deposit is for reasons associated with our Market Loss Policy.

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